Beany Turns 4!

4 year old birthdayOur sweet baby bean turned 4 last weekend, and clearly she’s excited about it.

4 year old birthdayThis bouncing girl, with her endless energy and intense emotions, has taught me more in four years than I ever could have imagined. Not just about being a mom (which she has, of course!) but also about being myself. Days can be long, some days can even be hard, but this sweet face wakes up every morning and reminds me that the day is new. She smiles more than any kid I’ve ever known, and she goes through life with genuine joy and a tender heart. She’s quick to react but even quicker to forgive. And she loves like no other.

4 year old birthdayHappy birthday, sweet girl! You make us prouder than proud can be.


Little Pink Riding Hood and the Little Wolf

Little Pink Riding Hood and the Little Wolf

Happy almost Halloween, everyone! We’re getting ready for a candy-filled weekend around here. This year for Halloween, Beany went back and forth about what she wanted to be before landing on Little Red Riding Hood. Then, because she’s almost 4 and totally awesome, she decided on her own that Little Pink Riding Hood was a much…

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Walden Pond

Fall on Walden Pond

Fall on Walden Pond is pretty much magical. We made the 20-minute trek to Walden Pond this weekend as a quick getaway to see the changing leaves, but we were more than pleasantly surprised by what we found. The weather was perfect — crisp without being cold — and the pond sparkled in the sunshine. “Mermaids, Mommy!” Beany squealed as soon as the water came…

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Apple Picking

Fall Means Apple Picking

I’m happy to report that fall has finally arrived in New England. It seems like it’s taken longer this year, and the trees — though still very green — are starting to show signs of the changing season. It’s cool enough now to keep the windows open most of the day, which always sends a…

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Standard Baking Co.

A Day in Portland, Maine

We spent a day in Portland, Maine, a few weekends back, and I think the more time we spend there, the more we love it. There are so many cute shops (Little and K. Colette are my favorites — so much to see!) and a lot of great restaurants, and I always leave wishing we could stay…

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DIY painted wooden letters

DIY Painted Wooden Letters

It’s DIY time, you guys! Jared was at a conference last week for work, so that meant I had two kids in need of distractions. Thankfully, their grandma was here for a visit, but even grandmas need breaks (have you tried sitting on the floor for three hours playing Legos? Ooph!). We rolled into Target in…

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Summer Risotto

Summer Market Risotto

Ah, summer farmers markets. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning, especially when the weather’s nice and the stands are overflowing with such great stuff. And even if it’s a little too sticky outside to be comfortable, the bounty is usually worth it. No, it’s always worth it. I’d walk…

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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Fit for a Fairy: Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Beany has been increasingly interested in ingredients lately, and her questioning is often relentless. “What is that?” “Where did that come from?” “What does that taste like?” “How did you make it?” This has its plusses and minuses, of course. Curiosity finally convinced her to taste salad dressing, which made her taste spinach salad, which…

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