You guys, it snowed. Lots.

Blizzard 5You guys, it snowed. Like 2-feet-and-counting snowed. This morning, when Beany ran into our room at 6:15, pulled back the blinds and looked at our snow-covered deck, the first words out of her mouth were:

“Wow! Look at this! It snowed so much! It’s so high!”

Then she thought for a second about what this meant.

“I sure can’t put my picnic blanket out there now.” #Truth.

Blizzard 1Blizzard 10

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Linguine with Lemon Mushrooms 3

Snow Day Prep! Linguine with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms                     

The whole Northeast is prepping for a gigantic wallop of a snowstorm, so, naturally, Target was a madhouse yesterday. Think holiday-sized crowds grabbing at end caps filled with water and snack foods (Super Bowl fare works well in blizzards, too, FYI), filling baskets with enough flashlights and peanut butter to last well into next week….

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Window Washer

NYC and the Window Washer

So many recipes to post. So many photos to edit. This is the year I will catch up! In the meantime, there’s this photo. I’ve been calling it The Window Washer. One week in a hotel in Princeton, New Jersey, and Beany never ran out of things to do. Kids are great that way. And then…

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Photo 52/52: Hello, 2015

Well, 2015 is here, guys, which is wonderful. But that also means 2014 is over, and I’ve been having a bit of a hard time letting it go. It was a good, good year, filled with lots of the best kinds of changes. And now here we are, with the very last pictures of this 52-week…

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Photo 51/52: All smiles

Our winter weather has been bananas lately. Within the same week, we had a chilly skating day, followed a few days later by a weirdly warmish afternoon at the park. I know the snow is coming, so we should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. But we have two tiny snowsuits that are ready to…

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Photo 50/52: Magic in the air

Christmas is nearly here, and we’re feeling lots of love and happy. Hope you are, too. Beany: Scouting out Christmas decorations in downtown Salem. Everything is magic to her right now. Bear: Cozied up again in his trusty bear suit. That sweet sideways smile is making my heart all melty. XO, Katrina This post is…

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