Fall favorites: Spice-filled scones, oatmeal and cookies galore!

Last night while clicking through baby-related inspiration on Pinterest, I came across a recipe for labor cookies. Have you heard of those? Apparently, whipping up and consuming a batch of these puppies is a surefire way (notice the use of the word “apparently”) to meet your new baby bean before the week is over. Of course, these cookies probably only work if your baby is full term and ready to greet the world. And they probably only work if your body decides they should. Which probably means they don’t really work at all. Ho hum. I suppose I shouldn’t complain about an idea that involves excessive cookie-eating though. In fact, I should probably give it a go. In the name of science!

After some more reading about these supposed labor cookies, it seems the labor-inducing culprit in the mix is ginger. How appropriate for a little fall baby, don’t you think? Granted, with the mountains of ginger spice cookies we’ve been putting away so far this season, along with all the pumpkin muffins that regularly fly through our kitchen, you’d think the Bean would have joined us weeks ago. Perhaps she’s ginger-immune. Or a ginger-lover, like her folks. She probably figures she’s getting so much of the stuff while staying in, why in the world would she want to come out? Smart cookie.

In honor of the season (and in the spirit of ginger and all of its magical powers), I thought I’d put together a collection of some of my favorite fall recipes, sure to warm you up and make you cozy so you’re set to enjoy all there is to love about the loveliness of autumn.

Butternut Sage Scones

Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal

Spice Krinkles

Cinnamon-Glazed Pumpkin Cookies

Are the tastes of fall filling your kitchen? Any fun fall activities on the agenda for the weekend? I have my heart set on a trip to the pumpkin patch. Who’s with me?



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    Looks great! I was fishing around yesterday for a good spice cookie recipe, and now you’ve come to the rescue!

    And, Sweetie, if you’re baking at this kind of speed, the Bean can’t be far away…Best of luck!

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