DIY Valentine cards, takeout style

One of the great hardships of my life is my ridiculous allergy to soybean. Yes, you read that right. I am allergic to all things soy, which can be quite a predicament when it comes to anything prepackaged, anything doused in vegetable oil and anything trendy like tofu or edamame. Most unfortunately, it means that I haven’t had Chinese food since early high school. Ho hum.

For years I’ve dreamed of having one of those chick-flick movie type dates when Jared and I sit on the floor of the living room eating Chinese food out of takeout boxes. I know, big dreams. Instead, I make pasta, add tons of garlic and veggies and tell Jared that I think it tastes kind of like Chinese food. He just nods politely. Nice boy, but he knows I’m bonkers.

This Valentine’s Day, we won’t be having a sit-on-the-floor-with-takeout-boxes evening, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with a little takeout-inspired charm. These fortune cookie Valentines are super easy to put together and a pretty cute spin on traditional cards. Sure, they’re no veggie lo mein, but they’re a close second, right?


 Valentine Fortune Cookies

What you’ll need:
• cardstock and/or scrapbook paper (various colors/prints)
• glue dots
• scissors
• white paper
• pen

1. Cut your cardstock and/or scrapbook paper into 4- to 5-inch circles. Using a circle cutter makes this step super easy, but you can also use a cup or coaster as a guide for tracing.

2. Gently fold your circle in half so that one end slightly overlaps the other without making a crease in the paper (paper will look sort of like a cannoli). Stick a glue dot in the center of the rough end to hold the roll together.

3. Find the center of the opposite end, and push gently with your finger so the paper folds in on itself.

4. Bring the pointed ends together until the Valentine looks like a fortune cookie. Hold the ends in place with another glue dot placed up near the fold.

5. Write your Valentine’s message or fortune on a small white strip of paper, and slip it into one of the open ends of the cookies. If you’d prefer the fortune be completely hidden inside the Valentine, slip it in after Step 2.


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Dinner and a movie? A movie and ice cream? Glee and a tub o’ popcorn? Woo hoo! Whatever your plans, I hope they’re lovey dovey. Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. says

    I love this idea! I only wish you’d posted it earlier so I could have brought Valentine’s Day “cookies” for my office. I will definitely keep this in mind for next year though. So clever and cute and, best of all, easy! LOVE IT!

  2. Christina :) says

    Adorable! My Valentine’s Day plans: Watch rom-coms with my 15 yr. old sister and eat chocolate. Forever alone 😉

  3. Danielle English says

    Another person allergic to soy – and you love crafts? We may be each others’ parallel in alternate universes. Love these valentines!

  4. Anitra says

    I just found your adorable paper fortune cookies via Mashable—they’re so cute! If you haven’t made it happen already, I really want you to have Chinese food (my wife’s vegan, so I sympathize with having to deal with very specific dietary needs). Here’s a recipe for no-soy sauce: Also, here’s this: Here’s hoping all your takeout date dreams come true!

    • says

      This is amazing!! Thank you soooo much for passing along the links. I will definitely try the soy-free soy sauce soon (I just pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards so I won’t forget!). Oh, to think of eating this stuff again! Woo hoo!!!


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