Wrapping Week 2012!

Wrapping Ideas-Christmas Lights

On Christmas morning, there are two very different kinds of people who gather around the tree. There are those who rip open presents and tear off bows, with a laser-like focus on what’s inside. And there are those who peel off tape, untie ribbons and pry back paper with the care of a professional present wrapper set in reverse. (Those in the latter group are usually also the ones who voluntarily man the bag, bow and wrapping paper collection. Holla, Daddio!)

Really, there’s no wrong way to open a package, but I like to think that even the rip-it-open-fast-’cause-the-good-stuff’s-inside crowd appreciates a present-wrapping well done. And so here we are again, caroling and cookie-ing our way through the most wonderful time of the year, with a week’s worth of wrapping ideas to get you started.


First up might be my favorite, probably because it says Beany and Christmas all in one. I used a simple pen and craft paints to turn Beany’s tiny fingerprints into a single strand of Christmas lights, but you could take this idea a lot of directions. Fingerprints in a triangle shape could be lights on a tree. Prints in a circle could be sprinkles on a cookie. The technique itself is super easy, but I think that simplicity is part of its charm.



What you’ll need:
• craft paint in a few colors (preferably something washable if you’re working with kiddos)
• an inky black pen or thin black marker
• double-sided tape
• one piece of simple construction paper or cardstock, in a color that matches your paint
• white or brown craft paper

How you do it:
Cut the white or brown craft paper into a piece large enough to wrap your package. Find the center of the paper, where it will cover the top of your box. Dip your finger (or your little helper’s finger) into the paint, and begin adding fingerprints in a line across that center portion of the paper. Add different colored prints to suit your fancy.

Once the fingerprints have dried, use the pen to turn the prints into lights. Add a sketchy connectors to the tops of the bulbs, and then connect them together with a loopy line.

Keeping in mind where the lights are positioned, wrap the package. Then finish it off with a matching bow made from the construction paper or cardstock (for bow-making instructions, click here).





How’s your holiday shopping shaping up? Are you all finished and ready to roll? What’s your plan for wrapping? Do you lean fast and easy or slow and detailed? Any fun techniques or supplies? Can’t wait to hear about it!




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