Wrapping Week 2012: Put a Snowflake on It


I love a pretty package and will happily sit on the floor of my living room, surrounded by piles of paper, ribbon and tape, until every last present is wrapped, but I realize that spending two hours on a Tuesday night crafting intricate bows out of shopping bags isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time.


Fortunately, time is not a necessity when it comes to pretty wrapping. Neither are buckets of cash. This wrapping idea is quick and super inexpensive but still has the charm of a hand-wrapped, lots-of-love-poured-into-it kind of gift.



What you’ll need:
• brown craft paper
• plain white printer paper
• scissors
• twine
• a few white buttons

How you do it:
Wrap your package in the brown craft paper. Cut out a snowflake, as simple or snazzy as you wish, from the printer paper.

Place the snowflake on top of the package, and secure it in place with the twine. String a few buttons on the twine over the center of the snowflakes, and tie the twine around the bottom of the package to hold it in place.




How’s that for easy? Woo hoo for paper snowflakes making everything feel Christmassy. Now all we need is the real stuff!


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16 Comments on “Wrapping Week 2012: Put a Snowflake on It

  1. You put my wrapping to shame!lol Love your beautiful packages. Miss you guys!

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