Wrapping Week 2013: Holly Jolly Reindeer Prints

Reindeer Prints 6

We got our first real covers-everything-and-makes-the-world-look-pretty snow last night in Boston! Woo hoo! After living in North Carolina for two years, where we barely, barely got anything that could count as flurries for nearly the entire stay, I think Jared and I just assumed that moving to the Northeast would mean bunches and bunches of snow, as early as or earlier than anyone else. But our family in Missouri has had quite a bit already this year. Even Texas has been snowy! So now we can officially stop feeling gipped. The snow has arrived! And even if it will only last the morning, it’s a pretty sight indeed. And nothing’s better than hearing a tiny 2-year-old voice greet the day with a lot of: “Oh, wow! It’s nowing! It’s nowing! Mo! Da! It’s nowing!”

Reindeer Prints 3

I finished up all five wrapping projects for the week yesterday, and Beany got to choose which one to share first. I shouldn’t be surprised that the Rudolph-loving girl picked the holly jolliest of the bunch. She loves the little pompom noses, and of course anything reindeer is a win with her this time of year. Get your tiny helpers in on the action, too! Never was a fingerprint too small to make a proper reindeer.

Reindeer Prints 5

Reindeer Prints 4


What you’ll need:
• washable craft paint in a few colors
• an inky black pen or thin marker
• small red pompoms
• glue (I used hot glue, but good ol’ Elmer’s would work, too, especially with kids)
• tape
• festive twine
• brown or white craft paper

How you do it:

Cut the brown or white craft paper into a piece large enough to wrap your package. Lay it out on a flat surface (it helps to weigh down the edges with something heavy), and get ready for painting. Dip your (or your kiddo’s) finger into the paint, and add a smattering of fingerprints in various colors across the wrapping paper. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it, so add as many or as few as you’d like.

Once the paint has dried, use your inky pen to add two dots for eyes and two antlers on each fingerprint.

Wrap your package. Then use your glue to add a red pompom nose to each of your reindeer on the top and sides of the box. Add some festive twine, and you’re done!

Reindeer Prints 2

Reindeer Prints


Is your wrapping party in full swing yet? How are you decking the packages this year? Let’s hear it!


27 Comments on “Wrapping Week 2013: Holly Jolly Reindeer Prints

  1. You always have the best Christmas wrapping ever! It makes a good gift even more special. We tried our own custom wrapping this year too- painters tape and a finger painter make some pretty darn cute wrapping paper:)

    • Oh, I can’t wait to see it! I loved the photos of little man in action! :) Bathtubs are the very best place to let little kids go to town with paint! :)

  2. Hello!

    I just love splashofsomething’s annual wrapping week! It really gets me feeling jolly! You are such a talented young lady! 🎁😄

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