Hello! I’m Katrina. I’m a writer, editor and full-time lover of life. I currently live in the Boston area with my husband, Jared; our 3-year-old daughter, Beany; and baby boy, Bear; and our poodle, Ella, who’s five furry pounds of energy and sass. So it’s the five of us setting up shop in our happy little two-bedroom apartment, just renting away until we’re ready to spring for our own place. Thank goodness we’re allowed to paint.

In between experiments (and disasters) in the kitchen and decorating hullabaloo, I split my time between running and editing (unfortunately only one comes with a paycheck. Ho hum.) After finishing my master’s degree at the Missouri School of Journalism, I jumped into the magazine biz and started editing for local city mags and freelance writing for various publications. My most exciting adventure to date is journeying into the world of children’s book publishing, something I’ve always dreamed of doing but was never brave enough to try. Here we go! Patience is certainly not my strong suit, but I’m learning that good things take time. And nothing soothes writer’s block like baking cookies. Or pumpkin muffins. Or pie. You get the idea.

So browse around, leave a note and have a good time. Thanks so much for visiting!


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