Happy New Year: DIY party hats


Happy, happy 2013 to all! We’re still busy enjoying the last few days of holiday fun (we’ll be back to the regular swing of things all too soon), but for now I thought I’d drop in and share the homemade hats that helped us ring in the New Year.

Jared surprised us all with his superior newspaper-style hat-making skills (always pulling out the hidden talents, that one), so he folded up a bunch of brown craft paper hats for us to use as bases. After that, we went to town with glitter, felt and tissue paper.


They’re super simple, but I’d venture to say they’re my favorite hats to date. I mean, does anything say happy New Year like sparkles?


My sister’s hat is the one with the black heart with white polka dots, mine is donning the anchor (nautical is my jam lately), and my mom’s is the lovely glitter flower that looks like it took lots of time and forethought. In reality, she whipped that puppy up in about five minutes while we cleaned up all the stray glitter. The girl’s got a thumb for hats.


Beany’s teeny hat was free from glitter but perfect for a happy girl with a love of green and bows. If only she had kept it on her head for more than a few minutes.


Oh yes, and here’s Jared’s covered in a happy layering of blue tissue paper squares and my brother’s, which appears to be a hybrid between a horse, rhino and unicorn. Hats for all!




How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? A party? Hats? Food? Sleeping by 10? I’d love to hear about it!


Looking for more hats-piration? Check out our 2012 hats here.

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Happy New Year! Hats off to 2012!

Happy New Year to all! I hope you rang in 2012 with a bang — or at the very least a spirited thump. Amazingly, despite sleep deprivation and my Bean-induced need to revert back to my childhood bedtime as of late, I made it all the way to midnight. Woo hoo!

Rather than spend our moolah on premade New Year’s garb, it’s a tradition in our house to make our own hats every New Year’s Eve. We usually pick some sort of theme (last year was “cowboys and sparkles.” Zing!) and then spend the better part of the day knee-deep in construction paper, glitter and hot glue, wiling away the hours until our hats are deemed complete. This year’s hats were some of my favorite yet.

My mom went eco-chic with a revamping of the wrapping I used for this year’s Christmas presents. It’s like double recycling! Love!

My sister and I baked up some matching cupcake hats in honor of our someday-we-should-really-do-this future cupcake shop (this year’s theme started out at “New Year’s resolutions or future goals,” so our cupcake dreamin’ seemed to fit rather nicely).

And, of course, little Miss Beany needed a hat to match. After all, you’re never too young to appreciate a festive cap.

How did you ring in 2012? Any fun traditions you enjoy with your friends or family? And what are your resolutions for the New Year? Let’s hear it!



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