DIY Painted Wooden Letters

DIY painted wooden letters

It’s DIY time, you guys! Jared was at a conference last week for work, so that meant I had two kids in need of distractions. Thankfully, their grandma was here for a visit, but even grandmas need breaks (have you tried sitting on the floor for three hours playing Legos? Ooph!). We rolled into Target in…

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Colorful Indoor Garden Craft for Kids

Crayon Garden

Around Christmastime we made an IKEA run and, per our usual, came home with a unique smattering of items: festive chair cushions, drawers for under Beany’s bed, a few packs of batteries and a gigantic roll of paper designed for an easel we still don’t own. The cushions were fun through the holidays, the drawers are great toy storage…

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Wrapping Week 2014: Magic wands

Sparkle Wands 4

It seems like every year for Wrapping Week, I plan and buy supplies for four ideas and then end up making the last one pretty last minute, pieced together from the scraps and bits left behind by the first four presents of the week. Some years it works out better than others, but I think…

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Wrapping Week 2014: It’s Sharpie time!

Sharpie 1

I love wrapping presents, and I can get almost as jazzed about the outside of a pretty package as a I can about what’s on the inside, but I know not everyone wants to spend a precious Saturday in December trying to construct the perfect paper bow or wrapping yarn just so. There are trees…

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Wrapping Week 2014: Finger paint Frosty!

Snowman 1

Holidays have always been a big deal in our house, but now that we have a 3-year-old who’s hitting her holiday-loving stride, it only feels fitting to kick things up a notch. This year for Halloween, we visited a pumpkin patch, where Beany picked out a teeny tiny pumpkin she named Spookley. After a decorative…

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Wrapping Week 2014: Paper and yarn

Scrapbook Paper 1

I’ve talked before about my high school days as a Mod Podge-wielding miscreant. Just kidding, just kidding! I was super well behaved, but I did slap Mod Podge on just about anything that didn’t move. Anyway, my friends and I did tons of scrapbooking back then — like the hard copy, paper-and-sticker-embellishments kind — and…

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Wrapping Week 2014: Vintage-inspired photo tags

Photo Tags 1

I know I should probably save my favorite wrapping idea of the week for the end, but I love this one so much I had to share it first. Paper, pretty ribbon and a few photos. That’s all you need! So I call these tags “vintage inspired,” but honestly, they’re pretty much Taylor Swift inspired…

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‘Tis the season — for Wrapping Week!

Wrapping Week Roundup

There are only 19 days left until Christmas! Wahoo! And do you know what that means? I have a pile of gifts in need of some love and wrapping paper. I bet you do, too! So in keeping with holiday tradition, Wrapping Week 2014 is coming soon! Starting Monday, I’ll have five days of fun wrapping…

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Boy and girl shared nursery: Blue + pink = happy

Boy Girl Shared Nursery

Beany’s nursery in our North Carolina apartment was a labor of love in a major way. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted the room to look like, and I spent months choosing fabric, sewing pillows and curtains, picking out furniture and putting it all together. Even with the mile-long to-do list,…

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