Dinner in a pinch, made to impress! Puff pastry with ham & Gruyère

Ham and Gruyere Puff Pastry 5

This time of year is so, so hectic (though we probably always feel like our lives are crazy busy, right?). When I think of an easy fall dinner, I often base its viability on a simple pre-trick-or-treating test. Basically, is it something that could be easily made and quickly served to a family (friends included!)…

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Salad for lunch, cookies for dinner: Peanut butter chocolate chip biscuits

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Biscuits3

Well, we’ve made it through the season of sweets, and now my blog reader and Pinterest feed are filled with fancy salads, whole grains and about seven gazillion paleo recipes. I suppose January is the time for all of that. It’s out with the, “Eat what you want because it’s Christmastime, y’all!” and in with…

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It’s popsicle time! Blueberry lemon pops

Every spring, I convince myself that this will be the summer I accomplish everything on my ever-growing to-do list. This will be the summer I finish organizing the closet. This will be the summer I complete a bucket list of must-do warm-weather activities. This will be the summer I finish knitting the blanket that never quits. But then…

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Delicious endings: Easy chocolate sugar cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies 7

I’m pretty sure that cookies are one of life’s great triumphs — at least in the world of dessert. Where else are you going to find a sweet that’s so universally loved? A treat that can be baked quickly, travel easily and please grandparents and toddlers alike? They’re like the stuff of fairy tales, really….

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Three-ingredient strawberry sorbet

Although our oven joins us in a collective groan as the summer heat draws near, there’s one little appliance tucked in the back corner of the kitchen that lets out a happy squeal at the first sign of 90-degree days. “Yippee da doo, eep eep eep!” Or something like that. Yes, after nearly nine months…

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A reason for messes: 10-minute strawberry jam

I could talk on and on about the value of simplicity — simple ingredients, simple work, simple living — but sometimes, I can honestly say you just have to make a royal mess of things to appreciate a job well done. Last night, while I scrubbed a few dishes and Jared helped tend to a…

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The missing zing: Balsamic-glazed penne with roasted asparagus

Balsamic Penne

I love balsamic vinegar. Like, really love it. I add it to pasta, salad, rice, almost any savory dish that seems a little lacking in flavor. And I add it in quantities that would probably make most people shudder. Jared certainly likes it well enough, too, but any time I’m cooking and he sees me…

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Out of the rut: Barley risotto with spinach and sweet potatoes

Barley Risotto3

New baked goods are a regular occurrence in our house, but when it comes to dinner, I get stuck in a rut so fast. Try as I might, I just don’t get as excited about savory dishes as I do about sugar. Or butter. Or whipped cream. You get the idea. I know, I know….

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Like living in a pancake: Maple yogurt pound cake

Maple Yogurt Pound Cake7

Imagine waking up to the smell of maple permeating from all corners of the room. It’s faint enough to not overwhelm you but strong enough to conceal the slow-cooked curry next door. As you roll out of bed and greet the morning (a bit bouncier than usual, of course, as maple is a wonderful incentive…

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Spring, salad and photo shoots

Orzo Salad-new

Except for a few sporadic drizzles, it’s been absolutely gorgeous here the past few weeks. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and our puppy and toddler are both filled with more energy than usual. Hooray for spring around the corner! I’m a winter girl through and through, but being a mom makes me…

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