Fit for Santa’s team: Rudolph loves cookies

Reindeer Cookies2

With Christmas only days away, we’re squeezing in every last ounce of holiday fun, food and crafty goodness that we can before Santa hits the slopes and heads to town (presuming that his sled does a bit of skiing action before taking to the air). And what better way to welcome him to our humble…

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It’s time to meet the blondies


The season of sugar is upon us, and though I fully intend to stay waist deep in an assortment of tried and true cookie recipes from now until the New Year (I promise I will share!), I’m always game for a bit of newness as far as flour and sugar and butter are concerned. You’d…

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Who are you, peanut butter cookie? Who are you?


I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you can tell a lot about people by their favorite kind of cookie. There are the chocolate chip-lovers, straight-forward and classic; the snickerdoodle fans, pure and sweet; and the lemon bar enthusiasts, fresh and zingy. I actually ran through…

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Dessert that’s fit for a king. Or queen. Or anyone who’s keen on crowns.

Gateau Churchill5

Christmas countdown week has arrived! Yahoo! Around our house, the week before Christmas is pretty much an ode to flour, sugar and butter galore. Hello, cookies! Yep, it’s a baking extravaganza right up until the man in red arrives. Then that baking extravaganza turns into a gifting, eating and all-around holidaying extravaganza. It really is…

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And the baking returns! Cranberry orange scones

Cranberry Scones3

We’ve all heard the old adage: A baby changes everything. Three weeks into this parenting thing, and I can indeed confirm that our tiny bundle has made a mountain-sized impact on life as we knew it. Although the Bean’s birth hasn’t literally changed everything — there’s still work to do, school to attend, holidays to…

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The food blogging conundrum: Saving room for favorites


Writing a food-filled blog for the past year has turned out to be a pretty fun gig. Not only have I had a chance to sharpen my kitchen skills and experiment with recipes, but Jared and I have also enjoyed our share of yumminess from the ever-changing post subjects. I’ve tried things I never thought…

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Challah, you’re the flavor I was missing


From the time I was in first grade through third grade, my family lived in Germany, and during that first year overseas, we lived in Egelsbach, a little German town near the Air Force base where my dad was stationed. I have a lot of great memories from our time there — spaghetti ice from…

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Dear Ms. Witch. Your house smells good: Gingerbread cake


Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? The little kids who stumbled upon a witch’s gingerbread house while walking through the woods, only to be wooed inside by the promise of sweets and fattened up so the mean old witch could enjoy some tasty kid stew? No matter what version of the story you heard…

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